About David

David Lazaroff is the author of Live It Up! Share A Great Life With Alzheimer’s, Cancer, or Any Diagnosis.  He is a speaker and a coach for family and friends of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, cancer, or other chronic or fatal disease, helping them find and experience joy when they need it most.

David’s life changed in 2004 when Carl, a 60 year old acquaintance, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Carl had no family and had been living off credit cards since he lost his job four years earlier. David offered to help Carl.  Carl accepted the offer.

Through his journey with Carl, David came to operate a small assisted living home and founded the Colorado non-profit Holistic Community Living with the purpose to operate and teach others to operate neighborhood based holistic assisted living homes. These are homes where people can complete their lives in their neighborhood, near their family, friends, and social organizations, in a manner consistent with how they live their lives.

David is available for coaching consultations and for speaking engagements.