It's easy to get caught up in the obvious events of life that offer us sadness and frustration.  At these times it takes great effort to bring our attention to the subtle joys that life is offering; the joys we would much rather have filling our hearts and our attention.  David's coaching helps you build the strength and habit of bringing the subtle joys of life into focus.  With coaching and practice, you can learn to do this at any moment when you want to experience joy and displace feelings of non-joy.

David offers coaching to individuals and families who have a family member or friend who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease.  David's coaching draws on seven years as a caregiver and years of study in transformational education. 

Cost:  An introductory session is $50 for a half hour and includes a copy of David's book, "Live It Up! 10 Ways to Share Joy When Your Friend Has Alzheimer's".  Sessions may be in person in Denver, Colorado or by phone.

Contact: or 720-218-3254