Live Joyfully When You Or A Loved One Has Alzheimer's, Cancer, or Any Diagnosis

David Lazaroff

I am David Lazaroff, and I am dedicated to cultivating joy and helping others do the same when they have a family member or friend who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, cancer, or any disease.  

Imagine for a moment that joy is as available in your life as oxygen is available in the air around you.  Sometimes you notice it, but mostly it does not hold your attention.  When your attention is focused on other things and feelings, you don't notice the joy that is available for you.  But, it is still there, ready for your attention and enJOYment!

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Share A Great Life  This book changes everything!  The circumstances of disease may persist, and life can still be experienced as great as ever.  No kidding, joy is available!  
NOTE: This book includes the "10 Ways to Share Joy When Your Friend Has Alzheimer's" as a section.

124 pages
Price:  $14.95

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ISBN:  978-0985163129
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